Welcome to the sleazy festival

The festival will return once again to our normal date of the late spring bank holiday at the end May.

If you’ve not attended before then you’re in for a treat.

what you will encounter is a festival that is totally chilled out and relaxing.

The festival is fully loaded with a mix of old and young bands playing across the three stages that make up Sleazy with a full on mix of punk and ska with a bit of comedy thrown in the mix for good measure.

The venue is only a short distance from the centre of Morecambe and it’s hotels, bed and breakfast, and the local bars and restaurants plus local shops.

On the Trimpell site you will find almost everything you need within a compact area including the campsite which is only a minute away from all the stages.

You will find the main stage in the main building, it’s also where you find the acoustic stage in the lounge. You will also find two bars and an in-house cafe with a excellent choice food. The outdoor marquee is only second’s away and where you will also find the real ale bar. Plenty of green space to relax at this side of the venue including an improved food village. In this area you will also find the merchandise bazaar for all your requirements.

And let’s not forget all regulars who’ve been attending for years, you know what’s it all about “the magic, the friendliness of the festival, the safe feeling, and the rest of stuff that makes it a great weekend of music.

Cheers n Beers